Eclectic's Kitchen Services

Kitchen services are available by the hour or by the month.

  • Hourly kitchen use means that you only pay for the hours you are actually working in the kitchen, avoiding costly downtime.
  • Monthly kitchen programs are also available and priced, on a case-by-case basis, depending on the hours and the number of people working.

You pay only for the time you use in the kitchen, so your out of pocket costs are lower than operating your own plant, and your cash is not tied up in assets that you may use only a few hours each day or week.

Eclectic Cookery maintains and services the equipment, saving you the time and expense of buying and maintaining your own. Fees include utilities, sanitation, recycling and pest control.

Refrigeration and storage services:

Many Eclectic Cookery customers find it more convenient and efficient to keep food supplies and equipment ready to hand by renting cold and dry storage by the month. Storage fees are based on the amount of space and the configuration; there are numerous options at different prices.

Eclectic CookeryEclectic Cookery

Eclectic Cookery has provided commercial kitchen space to the San Francisco Bay Area for 30 years.